You did it!

Dear Supporters,

Each one of you supporting this campaign has made it possible for our collective voice to be heard. And we have now been heard in two major ways...


Our lawsuit was officially filed last week in district court and the TEA and Commissioner Mike Morath were physically served with the 26-page petition which states in part,

"Despite knowing that the assessments did not comply with statute, and despite a lead time of over nine months to comply, the TEA failed and refused to develop assessments that comply with the statute. As a result, approximately 2,000,000 Texas students were administered illegal assessments. The results of these illegal assessments are now being used to enact punitive measures against students, teachers, and schools across the state. The Plaintiffs sue for declaratory and injunctive relief to ameliorate the ongoing harm."


In addition to having this year's STAAR results thrown out, our campaign also aspires to bring greater public awareness to the overreach of the TEA and the growing negative impacts of STAAR on our public schools. In this, we have succeeded beyond expectation

Over the course of three days last week, there were no less than 9 newspaper articles published (including one supporting editorial) and 8 television and radio segments aired including all four major networks in Austin. Several other smaller papers and news affiliates around the state carried syndicated versions of these stories across Texas.

We are extraordinarily thankful for our four plaintiffs named in the suit who represent millions of parents and students throughout Texas, and along with their attorney and our advisor, Scott Placek, were responsible for shedding significant light on the TEA's wrongdoing and raising the public's interest in seeing policies changed.

Where do we go from here?

We wait for the TEA's response in court. They have approximately two more weeks before the procedural deadline, and at that point, we will know better what legal steps will come next.

The intention will be to ask the judge to expedite proceedings so that a preliminary injunction hearing could be set prior to the 3rd STAAR administration near the end of July. Additionally, several superintendents and state legislators have taken note of our arguments and are communicating their own concerns to the TEA bringing an increased political pressure as a result of our campaign.

I'll end this update by again thanking each and every one of our donors for bringing us to this point. Just as we started out...

We have a case. We have a lawyer. 


With sincere thanks,


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